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District Employee & District Supervisor Awards

NCDEA proudly sponsors the National Conservation District Professional Award & the National Conservation District Board Member Award to recognize professionalism and dedication in the people behind the nation's conservation district programs.

These nominees are not only district professionals or board members - they are people that truly believe in conserving the natural resources and making the world a better place.

Below you will find a link that will take you to a printable award packet.  Please submit all nominations to the regional level by October 1.

Award Application

Deadline is October 1 for the Regional Awards

November 15 for Region to submit for the National Award

District Employee & District Supervisor Award Winners

2011 District Professional of the Year

Bryan S. Evans
Pitt County, North Carolina


Receiving the NCDEA’s distinguished award was Bryan S. Evans, a 16 year employee of the Pitt Soil and Water Conservation District, Greenville, North Carolina where he serves as the District Director. Mr. Evans has been applauded for his commitment to excellence in the district and he strives to obtain certifications and trainings that will promote conservation and provide him with the opportunity to offer the best technical service possible to the citizens of the county. In 2008 he was named the state’s Outstanding Technical Employee of the Year.

Evans has served as President of the North Carolina District Employees Association, has served on numerous state education committees and was appointed by the Speaker of the House as a member of the State Board for Licensing of Soil Science. His involvement has continued on the regional and national levels, as well, including participation on the Canon National Envirothon Core Committee where he has served as the Public Relations Chair.

Also, active in his community, Bryan is a volunteer fire fighter, is a member of the Kiwanis organization, was elected as president of the Parent Teacher Association, and is a deacon and Sunday school teacher at his church. For these accomplishments and for his many other achievements, Mr. Evans was named 2011 Outstanding Conservation District Professional of the Year. Presenting the award was Connie Richmeier, President of the National Conservation District Employees Association.


Receiving the board member award was Mr. James Lacy from the state of Kentucky. Mr. Lacy has served for 31 years as a Wolfe County Conservation District board member, Campton, Kentucky. As a leader in agriculture he has served on many commodity organization boards,
educational foundations, commissions, transition teams and served as an agricultural advisor to the local legislators regarding agriculture issues, agri-business, and conservation issues.

Mr. Lacy has served as President of the Kentucky Association of Conservation Districts and assisted in strengthening the partnership and cooperation between state legislative leaders and the agricultural community. He served on the National Association of Conservation
Districts’ Legislative Committee (NACD) and was elected to and served for 4 years as a member of the NACD Executive Committee. Professionally he has worked in the public school system for 30 years as teacher, principal and
school system Superintendent.

Lacy continues to represent the efforts of conservation and it’s stewardship throughout his community. For these accomplishments and for his many other achievements, Mr. Lacy was named the 2011 Outstanding Conservation District Board Member of the Year. Presenting the award
was Connie Richmeier, President of the National Conservation District Employees Association.

2011 District Supervisor of the Year

James Lacy
Wolfe County, Kentucky



2010 District Professional of the Year

W. Thomas Brooks
Lee County, North Carolina

Mr. Brooks was recognized by the board of the NCDEA for his technical and educational expertise that has served his local district well. He is a 30-year employee of the Lee Soil and Water Conservation District located in Sanford, North Carolina. Tommy, as he is called by his colleagues, serves on the Natural Resources Conservation District’s State Technical Committee, has served as President of North Carolina’s conservation district employees association, President of the regional association and has fulfilled a 3- year term as a NCDEA board member. Dubbed as the “go-to” person he mentors district employees across the state and has worked to strengthen working relationships in his county, region, and on the national level. Tommy has chaired several national committees on behalf of the NCDEA and continues to actively support district employees’ development programs. He is very active in community projects and committees including membership in a local civic club and was inducted as an Honorary Member of the National Vocational-Technical Honor Society for volunteer work at a local high school.


2010 District Professional of the Year

Robert Dobbs
Camden Couty, New Jersey

Robert Dobbs hails from the state of New Jersey and has been an employee of the Camden County Soil and Water Conservation District for 31 years. He has been proactive in structuring the District program to build capacity in order to address the resource needs. As a member of the New Jersey’s state employees association for 25 years, Robert has serve in the office of Secretary, Vice President, and President. He served as the Regional Representative to NCDEA and assisted with the coordination of the Leadership Development Program. While serving as President of the National Conservation Districts Employees Association, Robert was responsible for the creation and funding of the first Executive Director position for NCDEA. Robert continues to assist NCDEA and NACD by serving on a task force for training certification of district professionals that work in urban and coastal areas. Mr. Dobbs is a member of the Agriculture Development Board, past President of the Association of New Jersey Environment Commissions, and serves on the advisory board for the Voorhis Environmental and Cultural Foundation.

Photo coming soon

2010 District Supervisor of the Year

Gerald Scheele
Spokane County, Washington

Receiving the board member award was Gerald Scheele from the state of Washington. Mr. Scheele has served for 14 years as a Spokane County Conservation District board member where he has led the implementation of conservation technology in the District. On the state and regional level, he has served on the state conservation district farm bill committee and the State Barley Commission representing the region on a global level traveling to foreign markets on behalf of the Commission. Gerald is a member of the Resource Conservation and Development council serving as their current treasurer. His nominating soil and water conservation district attests that his participation in national issues, discussions, and actions has strengthened not only their local district but there entire state conservation district efforts, as well. He has volunteered on a weekly basis to teach money management to elementary students in an inner city school and continues to volunteer his time and talents in his local church.